Our Objectives


        The broad objectives of APISS is to enable the under privileged sections of the society specially in Rural Area to attain in self-reliance in their social and economic development. All India Parivartan Sewa Samiti’s social mission is to achieve the social empowerment for overall development of the society.


Social justice and empowerment and capacity building have been promoted all among the underprivileged sections of society. Since the formation of AIPSS, it has headed, to plan and create those atmosphere and conditions that enable people, in both rural and urban areas, to become self-reliant, participative citizens and partners in the larger process of social reconstruction. The major objections of AIPSS can be summarized as:

A.    To provide medical and educational aid to the poor people, especially women, children and aged.


B.    To universalize literacy through formal and informal education.


C.    To promote employment and income generation activates by the different means of small scale industries handloom, handicrafts and petty trading


D.   To create awareness among the people on organizational development on legal issues by promoting grass root level based groups of people in the operational area.


E.    To ensure development of infrastructure such as road, electricity, water, communication etc. within the operational area.


F.    To encourage the youth to handle with the changing norms and values of society and to cope with these changes and there by create a nation of healthy youth in all means.


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